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Content that connects

Project | 01
Print ad | 01 Legacy planning

Many wealthy people don't realize what can happen without a solid legacy plan. If you leave your millions to junior, who marries, uh, badly, you risk your millions going to junior's ex. This ad offered a wake-up call to wealth-holders who wanted their money to sustain generations to come.

Project | 02
Statement insert | 02 bill consolidation

This message offered a bright light in the middle of post-holiday blues--a simple way to take care of bills resulting from too much holiday spending.

Project | 03
Conference | 03 invitation

Forget the glass ceiling. For many women, they feel like they have to break down literal brick walls. This piece ensured attendees they would benefit from valuable skill-building, career growth and networking opportunities.

Project | 04
Case study | 04 storytelling

Instead of a traditional case study, we told a story, storybook style, to make the situation easy for the audience to relate to personally. The 16-page, graphically stylized booklet proved to be highly engaging for the target audience of community foundation boards of directors whose investing savvy varied broadly.

Project | 05
TV spot | 05 "Deer at the door"

Deer and rabbits, cute as they are, can do major damage to your yard and garden. If you don't discourage them, they'll be back for more. An anthropomorphised deer told the story of how to rid them from your garden humanely. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-27 at 2.02.05 PM.png
Project | 06
Video | 06 Clearly Superior

Your aquarium gets cloudy, thanks to fish waste. This video showcases a line of nutrition and water care products that let you enjoy your fish with less waste to cloud your view. 

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